Eating Healthy Through The Holidays

Eating Healthy Through the Holidays

It’s Thanksgiving time! For many people, this is the official kick-off to holiday season — and a month of “seasons eatings” in the name of celebrations through the rest of the year. However, holiday celebrations don’t have to derail healthy-eaters from their nutrition goals. Koibito Poke believes that healthy eating should be a delicious part of each day, not about a diet or deprivation. With that in mind, here are four easy tips for eating healthy through the holidays.

Plan Ahead — It makes no sense to “starve” one’s self all day to “save up” calories for a big feast such as Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. However, when preparing for a big meal during a holiday celebration, consider keeping the rest of the meals of that day light. Start out with an egg white omelet packed with veggies or have a Koibito Poke bowl for lunch with greens instead of rice for a base, for example. It’s also a good idea to eat a little something (such as an apple and some almonds or a banana and peanut butter) before heading to a small party that’s serving food — arriving hungry to an event may result in unintentional overeating.

Bring Something to Share — Those that are sticking to special dietary guidelines this holiday season don’t have to put themselves at the mercy of what is being served at a holiday gathering. Simply ask to help! Hosts will likely appreciate the offer to contribute an appetizer or a side dish, and this gives the guest an opportunity to have at least something at the table that is health-conscious.

Allow for Indulgences — For those that eat healthfully on a regular basis, an occasional cookie or a slice of pie throughout the holiday season won’t derail a routine too much. And it’s perfect healthy to indulge here and there. A few tips: make sure the indulgence is worth it! Select a few favorite treats for the week and build them into the rest of a healthy meal plan. And don’t forget to enjoy it! Never feel guilty about a “treat.” Remember “everything in moderation” is key. So truly enjoy a favorite cookie or holiday sweet, then move on.

Get Back on Track — Speaking of moving on… Keep that in mind throughout the season of holiday celebratory eating (and drinking). A few indulgences throughout the month aren’t going to set one back; the real trouble is falling back into old habits of less-than-healthy dishes at every meal or dessert every night. So balance a heavy meal day with a few lighter ones to get back on track and keep moving forward towards healthy eating goals.

Koibito Poke believes in proper nourishment, never deprivation, for a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy should be an enjoyable part of every day and people should like what they eat — during the holidays and all year round. So with a little planning, people can stick to their healthy eating goals through the holidays without missing out on celebrations.

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